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Social Events/Mixers

Tennis social events and mixers are a fun and relaxed way for tennis players of all skill levels to come together  and enjoy the sport. These events typically include a mix of organized doubles matches, clinics, and social activities. They provide an opportunity for members to meet new people, improve their skills, and have fun on the court.

Social events are operated by members who volunteer their time so the number and quality of events is determined by the number of members interested and willing to make the events happen.

Tennis Serve


The Ladder at SBTC is a competition that runs throughout the season for members of
the club. To participate, members must sign up for the ladder from their member account and have their entry approved by the Club Pro. Participants then arrange and play their own matches, and are responsible for recording their scores online.

The ladder is designed to match players of similar skill levels, providing an opportunity for friendly competition at mutually convenient times.

Rackets and Net
Tennis Serve
Tennis Serve

Round Robins

Round Robins are a series of organized tennis matches in which participants play against multiple opponents in succession. They are a great way for members to meet others and participate in organized games without having to take on the responsibility of organizing their own. 

Club Championships

We strive to have club championship tournaments annually which are open to all members of the club, regardless of skill level. Club championships are typically divided into different categories, such as men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles.


Players or teams compete in a bracket-style format, with the winner of each match moving on to the next round until a champion is determined.

In addition, it may include a range of age groups or skill levels, conciliation rounds or a
separate junior club championship if there is enough interest and member support.

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Briefly describe your degree and any other highlights about your studies you want to share. Be sure to include relevant skills you gained, accomplishments you achieved or milestones you reached during your education.


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Mixed Doubles - September 4

Men's Doubles - September 11


Lower Division

Semi-Finalists - Christine & Scott and Erin & John

Finalists - Joe & Debra

Winners - Leigh & Kobla


Upper Division

Semi-Finalists - Carolyn & Mike and Kevin & Amanda M.

Finalists -  Brigitte & Kristian

Winners - Amanda Y. & Jerry




Ladies Doubles - September 18



Lower Division

Finalists - Darryll & Mike

Winners - Phil & Robert


Upper Division

Finalists - Ben & Lino

Winners - Colin & Kristian





Semi-Finalists are Penny & Erin, Amanda M & Vas

Finalist - Maia & Thi

Winners - Angie & Enza

Mens Singles - October 1

Upper Division

Finalist - Troy, Winner - Lino 

Lower Division

Finalist - Phil, Winner - John

Junior Club Tournament - September 6-10

U10 Red Ball; Winner - Gabriel Janchev, Finalist - Simone Bals, Consolation winner - Eric Bridgelall
U12 Green Dot Ball; Winner - Nemi Batistil, Finalist Riley -Hayes
U12 Regular Ball; Winner - Kien Duong, Finalist - Keshav Krishna, Consolation winner - M Fan
U14 Regular Ball; Winner -Tomas Simonic, Finalist - Luc Gravelle
U16 Regular Ball; Winner - Filip Simanic, Finalist - Tahseen Alam, Consolation winner - Benjamin Wu
*Special thanks to assistants Stephan, Fairuz and Penny and to all the scorekeepers

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